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MHA Staff Forum Rules

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Welcome to the MHA Staff forum!
Please read through the forum rules before posting. We've created these rules to ensure a fun and safe environment for our members. We request that you please be considerate of others and trust that you will treat your fellow community members with the highest level of respect and courtesy. All posts and registered accounts are bound to these agreements. If you do not agree with the terms or service or privacy policy, do not post on this forum.
The following are a general list of forum rules. We ask that you read these rules before posting in the MHA forums. The rules will be updated as necessary.

If you have any questions regarding how to post or log in please refer to the FAQ's section prior to contacting an administrator.


•All registrations must be approved by an administrator. The administrator will identify the validity of a persons position within MHA prior to granting forum access.
•All staff members usernames will be the same as their MHA email ID for example: Nicole Pierre is equal to npierre.
•Volunteer’s usernames will be created in the same fashion as staff using first initial and full last name.
•If a staff member or volunteer leaves MHA for any reason their account will be deleted.
•In general, you are welcome to post any questions, comments, opinions and ideas you have provided they are written in a courteous and mature manner. We do ask that you please take a few moments to make sure you select an appropriate forum or section for your subject first. Moderators and Administrators have the right to edit content and/or delete inappropriate material.
•Please only post material suitable for a professional work environment. Any material deemed inappropriate will be deleted and you will be notified by an administrator or moderator.
•Please create new threads in the appropriate forum, and use a descriptive title. Thread locations and titles may be changed by the staff to more accurately reflect the topic being discussed.
•Please stay on topic within a thread or create a new thread.
•Attacks or insults others members of the community. Of course, you should feel free to debate ideas and concepts, but do not turn your disagreements into an attack upon the poster or any person or group.
•Content that is off-topic for the forum, not related to MHA activities. There is a forum called Amongst Ourselves (General: Any Topic) for general/anytopic subject matter. However, the Rules of Conduct will still be enforced and all material should be appropriate to a work environment. Jokes, personal fundraisers, businesses, and events may be posted in this area but should still be free of inappropriate material.

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