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Located in the dark purple line at the top of the home page, this button allows you to change your password and your personal information. It also has tabs that allow you to change your post signature, your notifications, and your topics being watched.

To add or change your profile picture:
1. Save your desired picture to your computer
2. On the profile page, click the avatar tab
3. In the box next to upload an avatar from your computer, type the file destination or click the search button to locate the file
4. Once the file path is in the box, click save
5. Click return to your profile and your picture should be there
6. Your picture will now appear with your username when you post

To go back to having no picture:
1. Go to the profile avatar tab
2. Check the small box under your picture, next to delete image (this will not delete it from your computer only from the EBB)
3. Click save and return to your profile
4. The picture will be gone
5. Clicking Reset at the bottom of the page will only empty the boxes where file destinations are typed

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